Merchant Acquisition

The definition of a merchant is a concept which still needs to be etched in stone. However, there is one thing which is certain in the world of merchants. It’s that the world is moving forward in terms of technology. Due to this, customers are relying less and less on cash and checks and more on electronic commerce and merchants. In order to stay up with the ongoing developments, businesses have been working on payment methods for the convenience of the customers. To help with this, they have been providing them with numerous methods such as credit cards, debit cards, payment wallets etc. Such non-traditional methods are available at almost no upfront charges and work in a real-time, frictionless and flexible manner.

However, accepting payments via these new methods exposes merchants to numerous merchants to risks unknown. Ranging from a line of merchant fraud, card association risks, bankruptcy attrition etc. can cause unsurmountable risks.

This is where BPO Foundation comes in. At our organization, we provide scalable approaches in the acquisition of merchants. With the help of our innovative solutions, we can enable our merchant gateways to be sophisticated, efficient and secure. These solutions can help your businesses with decisions, assessments, platform evaluations etc. By aligning these features with your business, we make sure that you are focused on your goals and objectives.

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